presentationMore buyers are conducting self-guided research before making purchasing decisions – making content marketing tools like white papers more important than ever. As the manager responsible for content marketing for your B2B retail company, you’re in a position to accelerate your company’s lead generation and sales growth.

Buyers are educating themselves, rather than relying on conversations with sales teams, and they’re using white papers, blog posts, case studies and other content marketing staples to do it.

Translation? Your marketing materials need to be educational, and to focus on solving customer problems – not pushing a company’s agenda.

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A white paper is a fantastic persuasive document, but if it’s not well-written it can have the opposite effect: muddying the waters instead of clarifying them, confusing the reader instead of providing a clear call to action that leads them to your product. B2B buyers will make judgments about your company based on your white paper’s quality, so it’s crucial that you make it the best that you can.

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