This is a selected list of my publications and writing portfolio. Many ghostwritten pieces aren’t included here. If you’re curious about my experience with a specific type of project or subject matter, please ask!

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Non-Fiction Books

Portland, Oregon: A Photographic Portrait. (Steve Terrill, photography.)

White Papers & E-books

Harnessing the power of educational technology

Harnessing the Promise of Educational Technology to Improve Outcomes: The Case for Adaptive Learning for Acrobatiq.

The UK Retailer’s Guide to Technology: 7 Trends Making Waves on the High Street for Vend.

Technology-enabled teaching

The Convergence of Instructional Design and Technology-Enabled Teaching for Acrobatiq.

Liberal Arts at the Office: Addressing the New Skills Gap for College for America


How Innovative Universities Use Data to Improve Learning for Motivis

Going Paperless ebook cover
Going Paperless: A User-Friendly Guide to Help Your Government Update to 2.0
for GovPilot.

Selected Guest Posts

4 Studies That Explain Why the Edtech Startup World Is Growing So Fast for McGuire Editorial

7 Toxic Habits of Ineffective Salespeople for Alice Heiman


Shifting Borders novel cover

Shifting Borders

Starfall cover

Starfall: A Durga System Novella

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Trade Publications

Independent Restaurateur: “Through the Drinking Glass
Independent Restaurateur: “Weathering the Weather
New Brewer: “Crowdfunding a Dream: using Kickstarter to fund your brewery” (PDF)

(My work has also appeared unsigned in newsletter issues for both New York State Association of Counties and New Jersey Association of Counties.)

Consumer Publications

Seattle Globalist: “Flooding Disaster in Burundi Hits Close to Home
Beer West: “Brothels & Breweries: Georgetown’s notorious beer tradition
LearnVest: “Our First Money Fight: The trip that almost blew our marriage
ParentMap: “Destination: Georgetown
ParentMap: “Balance Bike Basics

(My work has also appeared unsigned in Content Marketing Institute, Hubspot, Kapost, and VentureBeat.)